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Good Morning to all our Current and Newest customers, we here at green LED would really like to tell you that today LED is the new thing and everyone wants to have the latest stuff. Don’t get me wrong I love to try and Keep up with new stuff but if its something I currently don’t need then why update. However when it comes to LED and our Energy saving lights, it is something that should be invested on. LED Is the Future!!


Hello to all our fellow current or future clients!

We here at Green LED MFG are very exstatic to announce that we are moving to a new location. Not only that we are carrying more new supplies. Our Classic sales consist of our LED Modules, LED Street Lights, LED Floodlights, LED Canopy Lights, and LED Displays .

Newest Products are LED Light Bulbs, LED Solar Lights, LED Ceiling Lights, LED Wall and Hanging Lights and a lot more!

So come and check out our LED Products online or at our new location!

5900 North Freeway #103, Houston, TX 77076

Hello To all our Future Customers!

Green LED MFG is making its way around the Web. We want to be sure you not only know about us but also see to it that we are well known for our Excellent  Products! We will be here posting up more info on all our products, from our older products to our newest. In hoping that you choose us and soon will be used in your Business or Home.